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Who said you can't be a vegan in Uganda?

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Obviously as I no longer eat meat any more, and only tend to do fish once in a while if I am by the sea, I decided I wanted to keep a Vegan, Veggie, Plant based diet for my trip, and I was told 'ha' you wont find any anything, well as a matter of fact it was pretty easy being either a vegan or veggie in Uganda and I think that rolls through other places in East Africa from what I have experienced in Kenya and my friends in nearby countries.

So here are some tips from Kampala not only for good food, but a partly or full plant based diet.

Food Glorious Food!

I obviously visited as many dining establishments as one can visit in my time in Uganda ranging from a Rolex (non vegan) on the street for 50p, to having a full on buffet dinner. Here is a few of my TOP places to visit, I will do a vlog soon about Zone 7 and their amazing buffet that gave me a taste of all the local dishes for an outstanding price.

However if you want some more information and videos on food in Kampala and also East Africa food destinations please follow my beautiful friend Lucy and her food blog@forkingaroundkla or her youtube


Best Local Food

Zone 7- for their lunch time buffet is so tasty and for value for money (watch out for the vlog)

2K Restaurant - Stunning to say the least, more expensive than zone 7 but only slightly and you have numerous amounts of choice including dessert options. I couldn't eat more if I tried it was stunning

Rolex Shacks - Obviously every shack is a little different, but they are so cheap why not just try them all? Rolex by the way is like a chapati with an Omelette inside. Breakfast, lunch why not even dinner who cares!

Chris' Mums cooking - You may not know someone in Uganda but if you do I vote home cooking always! Get that invite...

Best Breakfast

Vitamin Cafe - Hands down on of the funnest breakfasts i've been to! Mediterranean theme, buffet, unlimited Turkish tea.

I know this isn't Ugandan, but there are locals working there and it is fabulous food.

Pan African & International

Island Bites - Takeaway or festivals at the moment, limited for veggies- but great Caribbean food - 0702458804

Desalu - I love a bit of West African food, so this spot was a must for me. I could have done with some more spice, so if you like spicy food please make sure you ask for chilly. Even as a vegan you can have their tasty rice options.

Meza - Not a usual one for me to post a fast food style place, but this little kebab cafe opposite Acacia mall was some of the best falafel i've had but also they do this amazing bread with different toppings. LOVE

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