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CHIC SOLO TRAVEL,Things a girl needs to know in KLA

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Chic Post:

This is a post that you probably wont find in another blogs about Kampala living. Where to go for girl stuff whether you are passing through a few days or lucky enough to be staying in this beautiful city for a while!

Hair Drama? - Look no further

For braids, twists and styles, Bugolobi market is the best and so cheap, I have the number for a great hair dresser Judith (Judy) +256 787 463220 and the cost for middle length hair braids is around 100k - 120k

For wash, blow dry, hair treatment & Colour, Kasanga is the best. Ethiopian place Afro & Curly use extremely natural products (like legit a whole avocado, egg and coconut oil) and are really good and can die dark hair blonde if you tell them in advance! Numbers +256 704 009075 and for a wash and blow dry is around 25k -30k +

Eyebrows & Nails - Glam time

I stuck to one place from a recommendation to get my eyebrows threaded. Aisha Salon next to Acacia Mall (in the car park next to the cube, and Desalu restaurant) They are 10k for eyebrows which is reasonable and they are good. You can also get your nails done here, it's not the cheapest, but it's not too expensive and they can do image printing on your nails which I thought was quite cool. Otherwise for nails ask around if you know people they sometimes know people that come to your house to do nails which is obviously the cheapest.

Who doesn't love shopping?

Elliot Mcquinn - I'm obsessed! This place is just magical, its not high street cheap, it's boutique prices, but it's so worth it and also they sometimes have a section with reduced cost items where I found my favourite jacket of the entire world, I think I actually wore it every day for like nearly 3 months after. I am actually wearing it now :)

African Crafts market - This place is cool, little overpriced but you can bargain them down. Still in comparison to what you would pay other places and also nearby bordering countries, the prices are good!

Spa - Any excuse!

Best option is Emin pacha because it is SUCH a great deal. 85k (less than £20) and you get access to the grounds all day, 25k credit to spend on food, and a massage! I mean HELLO that is the best deal ever. The staff are lovely including the manager!

The venue itself is just stunning, relaxing and it honestly makes you forget that you are even in the busy city of Kampala. You wont find a better value for money in my eyes.

Pool Day!

Other than Emin Pacha, there are some pretty cool places to hang out, if you are visiting Kampala as a tourist its a definite, and if you are living here its a great place to go on the weekend when the weather is beautiful as it is most times.

Alternatively, Cassia lodge - stunning views

Speke resort - pretty impressive grounds, but massages are very pricey, they have some manmade waterfalls in the gardens and I think possibly one of the places you can get closest to Lake Victoria around that area. Rotary Clubs - always a winner, nice and cheap entrance and cool pool to chill. Watch out for their notice boards they normally have some nice local events including a flea market at the Makindye country club once a month.

Brunch with friends, evening cocktails?

Wait for my food and drinks in Kampala post :)

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