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Bus stations in San Jose - to the airport and other locations

Costa Rica is overall really safe with friendly and loving people. However like ANY capital city around the world you need to be careful and especially at night. San Jose, there are too many bus stops going to different places, and sometimes even the Uber driver's don't know the current changes in bus stops, so research before. People are being scammed in daylight (daylight robbery as they say) so don't get caught.

As it's confusing, you could be at the correct bus stop and a taxi driver approach you to say you are at the wrong one and drive you miles out of the city to get money from you. Download maps me, every traveler should have this and will show you all bus stations in San Jose even without wifi. This app also shows you 'frontera buses" meaning border bus stops and bus terminals for the airport and sometimes even tells you the bus price (it shows this at the border for Nicaragua to Costa Rica the price for a bus into Rivas (nearby town in Nicaragua). For great travel information I used Central Coasting through Central America, I found their information up to date and really helpful.

For those I have visited myself, some helpful tips below:

San Jose to the airport

No matter what anyone says, the buses will not be stopping for a protest. It's only a 5 -10 minute walk away from most bus terminals as it's located in the same area.Wagon Alajuela & Tuasa Bus termminals run 4.30- 23:00 : Costado norte parque La Merced (next to parque de la merced) on most maps it comes under Parada Alajuela. This means the airport stop. Alajuela is the main airport for international flights! Don't get confused as there is a large airport nearby called Tobias. Airport to San Jose, you can get this same bus from just outside the airport on the road, way cheaper than a cab as it will only cost 600 - 700 colones for this journey. (£1.00 or £1.20 dollars)

Going to Limon - Puerto Viejo Talamanca (as there are two puerto viejo's) - Sixaola (the border)

This bus stop address is Avenida 9, Calle 12, San Jose and is about a 10 minute walk from the Gran Terminal del Caribe. Uber drivers get confused by the name Mepe, so tell them the address.

Again not a great place at night, so get there nice and early, and ignore the cab drivers and go to the ticket office.

Terminal 7-10 : Going to/from Jaco, Monteverde & Guanacaste

Calle 8, Paso de la Vaca- This area is not safe at night, you can order an Uber, normally the shopping centre/terminal has wifi, but when we were there it wasn't working so we walked to the nearest McDonald's 4 roads down. Scammers are outside the station. Do not walk alone, or as two girls, ask a cab driver to take you to the nearest McDonald's on Avenida Central which should cost $1 or $2 dollars. They have wifi till very late in the evening. I was with my partner and we both felt extremely scared and fast walked in the middle of the road nearby some families, probably making us stick out even more!

Gran Terminal del Caribe Confusing by name makes you think it goes to Puerto Viejo Talamanca too, but only stops in Limon and other nearby destinations including the other Puerto Viejo. You can also go to Peñas Blancas (border for Nicaragua) Again the walk from here to Mepe isn't a good walk at night, so make sure you go to the correct one based on your destination.

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